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round flight

Round Flight 

Our round flights are the most spectacular way to see the valley, the glaciers and the rugged, snow-capped mountains. Designed to thrill, the flight is also relaxed and leisurely, whilst weaving through the stunning panorama of Mount Kazbegi and the peaks and ridges around it.

Shuttle Fly

Shuttle Service 

Our Eurocopter B3 series helicopters can accommodate 5 passengers.

Whether you require efficient point-to- point transfer, or a more complex itinerary with logistics, our qualified staff will coordinate the details to make sure you have a great trip.


Industrial Flights

We offer construction lift operations where it is impractical or too costly to use a crane.Such services include: high-alpine lodge construction, pylon installation, pouring of concrete foundations, and many other types of missions flown by our experienced crew. 


Our Heli-skiing Service 

Aircraft Handling Service